A Clear View of Vessel Viability

Who We Are

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About Vesselvista

In the maritime industry, ensuring the safety, quality, and suitability of vessels is of utmost importance. VesselVista is a comprehensive marine vetting solution designed to provide a clear view of vessel viability across multiple dimensions. Built on the EnergySys Cloud platform, it offers a tailored solution that addresses costly issues associated with maritime operations while also expanding the platform's capabilities.

VesselVista evaluates the safety procedures and protocols of vessels to minimise risks.

VesselVista examines vessel construction, maintenance, and operational history.

VesselVista analyses the suitability of vessels for specific operations and locations.

VesselVista ensures that vessels comply with all relevant international and local regulations.

VesselVista evaluates vessel emissions, waste management, and ballast water treatment.

Integration With Internal Systems

VesselVista integrates seamlessly with external systems such as the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and Lloyd's Register.

This ensures that the evaluations conducted by VesselVista are aligned with the standards and requirements of these organisations, facilitating compliance with international maritime regulations and industry best practices.

VesselVista helps to minimise the risks associated with maritime operations.

VesselVista helps to optimise maritime operations and maximise efficiency and profitability.

VesselVista ensures that vessels comply with all relevant regulations.

VesselVista helps operators to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.


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