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At Elite Energy Consultants, we recognise that the successful implementation of the EnergySys platform requires a comprehensive understanding of your unique business processes. To achieve this, we have developed an innovative approach to requirements gathering and design that sets us apart from competitors still relying on traditional waterfall methods. Our approach emphasises collaboration, iteration, and a deep integration with your business teams, ensuring a tailored and efficient implementation. Below, we present our Agile Requirements Gathering and Design Process, highlighting its differentiators and the critical role your participation plays in its success.

Introducing Solution Spark Engineering

The implementation of EnergySys is not merely about technology integration; it's about aligning the platform seamlessly with your organisation's distinct workflows and processes. Our approach delves deeper, acknowledging that every business is unique and deserves a customised solution. We have developed a three-step process that focuses on understanding, creativity, and alignment.

We also incorporate a unique element into our process to foster creativity and simplify the build: Solution Spark Sessions. These sessions leverage accelerator applications as dynamic tools to jumpstart your vision. Instead of using standard product fit analysis, our Solution Spark Sessions provide a tangible starting point for you to visualise the available functionalities and how they can be tailored to meet your precise business process needs.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of waterfall projects, our process embraces the agile methodology.

Our process heavily involves your business teams. The shadowing phase allows us to observe.

Our approach leverages application accelerators as catalysts for creativity. 

Step 1: Business Shadowing

Step 2: Play Back and Review Application Accelerators

Step 3: Design of Applications

Business Team Participation: A Key Dependency

The success of our Agile Requirements Gathering and Design Process hinges on your active involvement. Your deep knowledge of your business processes is invaluable in guiding our understanding and ensuring the resulting implementation is a seamlessly integrated asset, designed specifically for your success.

Next Steps

In choosing Elite Energy Consultants, you're selecting a partner committed to innovation, collaboration, and results. Our Agile Requirements Gathering and Design Process stands apart from traditional waterfall approaches, promoting agility, customisation, and ongoing alignment with your business. By immersing ourselves in your operations and actively involving your teams, we ensure that the EnergySys platform becomes a seamlessly integrated asset, designed specifically for your success. Together, we'll transform your processes and pave the way for optimised hydrocarbon management.


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