Elite offers a suite of services designed to provide oil and gas operators with effective, low-cost hydrocarbon allocation solutions.

We find that many production systems are overcomplicated. 

But efficient and effective processes don’t have to be complicated. 

In fact, a system that is simple to operate and maintain produces quicker and more efficient results which saves you time and money, maximises your effectiveness, and helps minimise compliance risk.

Accuracy Meets Simplicity

Elite Energy Consultants designs accurate and adaptable allocation systems using the EnergySys platform. We prioritise flexibility, consistency, transparency, and reliability in allocation reporting. With EnergySys, operators have ownership of their configuration, eliminating downtime and enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

Our Expertise

We have the knowledge and the capability to create a streamlined and customisable allocation configuration to mitigate your financial and reputational risks, ensures compliance, and your customers receive accurate allocation. With a system that is simple to operate and ensures greater accuracy in one single platform, our operators spend fewer hours and resources extracting data from multiple sources.

Make Sure Your Systems Are Working For You

Our engineering team:

  • Works with you to determine exactly what you need and what configurational requirements will fit your company best. Our IT team then configures the platform to deliver a system fit for your needs.
  • Analyses commercial agreements to identify terms that must be embedded in your system to ensure compliance.
  • Brings decades of experience to define calculations to meet commercial, regulatory, and business requirements, a fit-for-purpose system that is easy to audit and maintain.

Our Expertise

Benefits of the Elite EnergySys platform:

  • One single source for supporting all reporting and business processes
  • One-time data entry
  • Easily configurable and maintainable 

How it Works

Ready to get started? Our team of engineers is ready to design an efficient system fit for your business.