IT Strategy & Business Engagement

IT Strategy

Elite Energy Consultants understands that achieving maximum output and operational efficiency requires a strong collaboration between business and IT. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of operational efficiency best practices and the interactions within the Exploration and Production landscape. We focus on continuous improvement to drive efficiency and maximise output.

We bring both business and IT perspectives to assist Oil & Gas organisations in evaluating technology opportunities and developing IT strategies and plans. Combining our deep IT strategy, industry and technology implementation experience with other needed skills available through Elite we help IT and Business Leaders:

Guide their organisation in leveraging IT to move the Business forward. Quickly identify how the IT organisation can provide greater value to the Business. Determine the IT capabilities and strategies needed to exploit emerging business opportunities. Develop the appropriate IT strategy and roadmap for delivery. Improve the operations and processes of the IT function, making it more effective and efficient, to align more closely with the business strategy. Get the most business value from IT investments.

Business Engagement and Alignment

Alignment of your overall goals can often be difficult to achieve due to the different, and often conflicting, factors that influence the two roadmaps. 

Elite has the experience and tool sets to drive the results you require to maintain a position of trust and synchronicity within your business areas. 

Using tools such as Strategic Roadmap Templates and Strategy Planning Processes can offer the stepping stones your business needs to take to overall access and alignment. 

Governance and Change Management

We have dedicated consultants to help our clients deploy a bespoke change management programme in their organisation to support them through the impact of new technologies and processes. Elite's approach to IT deployments, project management and process improvement is always underpinned by strong stakeholder governance and rigorous change management methodologies. 

Delivering the optimum operating model does not result from trying to shoehorn business process into existing off-the-shelf technology.  There must be a strong, transparent and trusted relationship between the business and IT. To drive towards a symbiotic relationship, business engagement must be structured, formalised and supported by the right resources and tool sets. 

How it Works

Let us equip your business with simple and efficient production management capability!