Programme and Project Services

Whether your Business is looking to adopt a new internal project methodology, rationalise your current programme portfolio or simply supplement your existing team with experienced E & P resources, Elite has the people and toolsets to support your business.

For successful program and project delivery with minimal risk, a clear and managed methodology is essential. Elite offers the expertise and competence to support your enterprise. Our in-house methodology based on Prince2 delivers consistent and efficient results.

Advisory Services

Our team of engineering and IT experts help you improve on your processes and maximise operational efficiency. 

With decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, we empower our clients to optimise their operational management. 

Our clients have a proven track record of reducing cost, minimising production risk, and increasing efficiency of allocation processes and resources.

Production Allocation

At Elite Energy Consultants, we offer a comprehensive Production Allocation service that empowers our clients with accurate and efficient management of hydrocarbon production data. 

We streamline the process of allocating production volumes to individual wells, fields, and facilities. 

Our meticulous approach ensures transparency, reliability, and compliance with regulatory standards. 

By leveraging our Production Allocation service, clients can make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and enhance operational efficiency. 

Programme and Project Professionals

Elite Energy Consultants offers fully resourced managed solutions for successful program and project delivery. Our team of experienced professionals, including Programme Directors and Change Managers, ensures the right balance of expertise for your projects. We work closely with clients to identify their specific resource requirements, providing tailored solutions.

Change Management

At Elite Energy Consultants, we prioritise effective change management through standardised methodologies and procedures. Our experienced consultants excel in planning, executing, and monitoring the change lifecycle. Whatever the change, we have the expertise to achieve the desired results. Our Programme and Project Services are driven by domain expertise and in-house best practices. 

Hydrocarbon Allocation as a Service (HaaS)

HaaS is a functional, cost-effective outsourced solution for allocation processes. Backed by industry experts, our allocation service ensures your company’s data are accurate, secure, delivered on time, and maintain compliance at a fixed cost.

Minimised Risk

The risks associated with hydrocarbon allocation measurement and compliance are greatly reduced with Elite’s HaaS service offerings.


The Elite team works directly with operators to customise and deploy allocation processes, consolidating numerous disparate systems into one transparent platform. Through the EnergySys Cloud platform, operators have on-demand access to data and reporting.


As companies grow and operator sites increase in number, allocation requirements grow in proportion. Our services are scalable so that when client needs become greater and more demanding, our systems are designed to adapt with client growth.

People and Knowledge

Asset Reviews: Helping you find opportunities for increased production and reduced costs from reservoir to point of sale, getting the most of your production system.

 Addressing asset reviews with key stakeholders in each part of the process with the goal of maximizing production efficiency.

How It Works

We follow the “I Do, We Do, You Do” strategy in our consulting approach. Initially, we model our own operational strategies for clients, gradually transferring knowledge and equipping them to apply production engineering principles to their processes. Our advisory services aim to minimise risk and enhance efficiency and capability. We teach clients how to operate faster, more cost-effectively, and with improved efficiency. 

How We Help

Ready to get started? Let our experts guide you in achieving your operational objectives!