Operational Efficiency


Elite provides Operational Efficiency Services that are driven from our domain expertise, our experienced and innovative staff and our in-house best practice approaches. We supply services across all client domains and lead in areas such as:


Operational Excellence Diagnostics – We provide a quick and efficient way to analyse a client operation and compare to best practice across the value chain


Business Process Management – We are a leading company in installing BPM programmes across industries and deployment of BPM automation solutions

Operational Strategy – We help our clients define best practice operational strategy and implement them


Performance Optimisation – Years of experience across the Sector allow us to help our clients improve their operational performance including production performance and cost optimisation


Process Optimisation – We assist our clients in designing/improving processes to take advantage
of and leverage value from new capabilities


Operational Efficiency

Elite Energy Consultants understands that achieving maximum output and operational efficiency requires a strong collaboration between business and IT. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of operational efficiency best practices and the interactions within the Exploration and Production landscape. We focus on continuous improvement to drive efficiency and maximise output. 

Operational Efficiency Management

It is crucial to analyse and evaluate both internal and external operational processes. Recommendations for improvements should be aligned with key performance indicators. However, this process can be resource-intensive and complex, leading to sub-optimal results. Elite Energy Consultants provides a four-phased approach to energy management, tailored to your business requirements. Each work stream is customised and includes integrated training and coaching. 

How it Works

After selecting one or more of Elite’s HaaS services, our team of experts will collaborate with your business to design and transition the hydrocarbon allocation requirements to the Elite Energy Consultant’s platform.

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