Cadet Programme


Introducing the Cadet Programme from Elite Energy Consultants.

The Mission/Vision

At Elite Energy Consultants, we pride ourselves on finding new talent and providing them with the tools to develop their skillset. However, we are not are not an organisation who places a priority on graduates for our roles. We believe in hiring the best person for the job, regardless of educational background. With this in mind, the Cadet Programme was born.

  • We launched the cadet scheme at Elite because we saw an opportunity to develop talent internally. This initiative not only supports our growth but sets a foundation for young talented individuals to flourish.

    Garry Vandepeear Chief Operating Officer

Benefits & Oppurtunities

The cadet scheme provides candidates with several key advantages:


1. **Structured Learning:** the Elite cadets receive a comprehensive training program that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

2. **Mentorship:** Our Cadets benefit from mentorship from our engineers with years of industry experience and a breadth of knowledge. They will gain insights and guidance that will provide the platform for the start of a successful career.


3. **Career Advancement:** Successful completion of the cadet scheme, we will continue to provide opportunities for career progression within Elite.

4. **Networking:** Cadets build a strong professional network through interactions with peers, mentors, and industry experts.

5. **Confidence Building:** The hands-on experience and real-world challenges enhance their confidence and readiness for future roles.

Our Commitment to Young Talent

At Elite Energy Consultants, our commitment to young talent is strong. We can provide the tools and the know-how to help you flourish in a career in the energy sector. The Cadet Programme epitomises our commitment, where we give our young talent the opportunity to work alongside some of the most experienced industry professionals and innovative tools, such as EnergySys, iNNOVATEQ and Zaptic.

  • A successful start to my time with Elite culminated in a six month secondment to Perth, Australia where I had the privilege of learning from esteemed engineers, Fabio and Pete, who played pivotal roles in my professional development.

    Fraser Coldwell Configuration Engineer
  • Getting paired with the Senior Configurator Ruud allowed me to gain so much knowledge in such a short space of time as I can ask all the questions I need and can present my own thoughts and have that instant feedback.

    Kieran Peel Configuration Engineer
  • In my role, I recognise the importance of supporting and guiding new cadets through the complexities of our business, encouraging their confidence, and fostering skill development. My mentoring approach is based on ensuring clarity.

    Fabio Terzini Lead Engineer & Global Product Owner for Net Zero
  • Having developed a number of modules of a MTech course, I am a strong advocate of activity based learning, and this is the core of the cadet programme. It is especially rewarding to see new cadets, like Fraser, grasp the concepts so quickly.

    Pete Ashton Executive Vice President

How to Apply

We want to speak with you if you feel you have the necessary technical expertise and are ready to start a career path that will be full of challenges, growth, and educational opportunities. For more information on how to begin your adventure with Elite Energy Consultants and join our Cadet Programme, email [email protected].